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Radar Introduces a unique Video Production Contract for Directors, Labels, Artists and Managers in the UK

Launched at MusicVidFest at the Roundhouse earlier this month, Radar introduces a unique contract accessible to Labels, Managers, Artists and Directors working in the UK.

Radar Music Videos is the leading community music video directors in the world, with more than 17,000 registered users, so they're well aware of the need for simple, accessible and affordable video production contracts. 

No such contract existed before now - available options are complex, expensive or heavily weighted in favour of one party or the other - so Radar approached leading UK media lawyers Wiggin LLP to create a simple agreement for Radar's users and others in the video production sector.

Radar are hoping the contract will standardise protocols in the unregulated world of low-budget music video production.

Users are taken through all the common requirements for production, like cashflow, re-edits, ownership and promotional use - and are able to customise the contract as appropriate for each particular project. The contract is unique, in that it is equally fair to both parties. It's also written in plain English and downloadable.  

Price is also a big consideration for this market sector. The the contract via Radar is discounted by £10, costing £25 plus VAT. Full details of how to buy the contract can be found on Radar's blog.

"We know a lot of commissioners and directors approach video production with a 'fingers-crossed' attitude, which can easily unravel" says Lisa Goll, marketing manager of Radar. "We hope the availability of this contact encourages directors and commissioners to use contracts as a matter of course - most disagreements are easily solved if terms have been discussed with a clear head and documented in advance.

In line with this promotion, Radar and Wiggin have produced an infographic and advice article: "Five Good Reasons to use a PROPER Contract for your Music Videos" for free distribution. 

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